I have spent the last 10 days on the White River and will be here thru March doing guided float trips. So far the streamer fishing has been pretty good with lots of water in the river. Late last week the river got very stable with water level around 13-16k cfs around the clock. Some flow changes can create an excellent streamer bite but extreme flow changes typically does not help. Early this week Shawn hit this beautiful Big Brown stripping a jointed Great Lakes Deceivers!

We taped this one at 27″!

After another rain storm with a little ice mixed came thru this week and the White River is up even more now. Currently power generation is at 16k conduit release is at 7k which makes river flowing at 23k cfs. This is big streamer water you need the heavy sink tips. My favorite is Airflo Streamer Max Shovelhead 330 grain on a 8 or 9wt. In these heavy flows it’s time to search out the shallower parts of the river. Flooded lawns are ideal!

You just never know when it will happen on the White River! Last week one day the streamer was a bit slow and the afternoon got all bright sun. Shane hit these two Big Browns on back to back cast. A 24″ and a 25″!