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Monster Brown caught on a mouse
Brown Trout on Cotton Candy Streamer
Nighttime Brown Trout Caught on a Mouse Pattern
White River Cutthroat Trout
Trophy Brown Trout
Big Brown from White River
Giant Brown Trout White River Arkansas
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Trophy Trout Guided Trips

The White River is North America's best location for HUGE brown trout. Come here to catch the fish of a lifetime. The White River has a very high concentration of fish in the mid to upper 20s. These voracious predators are aggressive and feed heavily on baitfish, including shad and sculpins. We throw large streamers for the trout, but also will fish with nymphs. One of our favorite techniques is nighttime mousing. Our guides are experienced guides with top quality equipment.

White River Lodge

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The White River is too good to fish for just one day. Come for a longer stay and we can provide guide service, lodging, and meals. Longer stays give you a better chance of catching the biggest browns. We offer one-day and multi-day guided fishing trips and package deals. The White River tailwater below Bull Shoals Dam is the premier location for big brown trout in North America. Nowhere else can you have the potential to catch fish as large as the White.

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The trophy brown trout on the White River are predators, pure and simple. Throw a big streamer, catch a big fish. We have streamers up to eight inches in length and with broad profiles to create a realistic baitfish imitation. Some of the favorite patterns are shad patterns and big sculpins. Great Lakes Deceivers, Slop Mops, Gamechangers, Murdoch Minnows, and even Foam Mice are some of our favorite patterns.

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January, February, and March are the prime months for catching trophy trout on streamers and nymphs. Spend a day throwing big streamers at aggressive browns, or join us for a longer stay and try all the techniques.  Contact us for available dates in and !

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