The White River system has been in a low water state for a while now.  Cold snaps have brought out high power generation from Bull Shoals Dam but mostly many nights have been at minimum flow.  This is ideal for the night time fly anglers.  In these low flows many of the larger browns are looking to eat once it gets dark.  Our most productive method is fishing mouse patterns.  Late nights on the river with a sloooow steady strip.  No hard hook sets at night – its a strip set when you feel them and THEN LIFT ROD!  Much easier to type than do late night in the dark on river.  Got this one below 2 nights ago!  I love night fishing right around the White River Trout Lodge where I stay in my boat.  With our own ramp here in makes it the ideal place!


arkansas white river night time mousing

Below our my favorite mouse pattern tied by Steve Yewchuck.  We carry a good supply of different mice patterns and they are for sale online on my website at: