Been some good fishing on late here on the White River!  This time of year the big talk for the fly anglers is Streamer Time.  Many of the Brown Trout in the White River have just finished up spawning or should in the next few weeks.  This post spawning period has Browns looking for a big meal but it still depends on the current conditions.  The White River which is ever changing and often can change rapidly from day to day due to weather and power demands. Currently the past week the river has been generally flowing with one generator running around the clock which is 1200-3800 cfs.  Have not seen minimum flow yet but a few nights of late it has been close.  Some of the colder morning over past week there has been a nice push of water for 3-5 hours up to 10,000 cfs.  In these higher flows strippin streamers has been productive.  Good fast action 8wt with 280-330 grain sink tip is ideal and my favorite is the Airflo Streamer Max Shovelhead.  Productive streamers have Slop Mop, Great Lakes Deceivers, Peanuts, Skull Head Double Articulated and Dungeons.  Colors all vary – rainbow, yellow, olive and brown.

When these higher flows drop or do not appear some days this is the problem for those that like to strip streamers.  It can still work in low flows but typically the action is very slow.  Browns are still looking to eat in lower flows but tactics need to change for the fly angler to be successful.  The term “streamer fishing” does not just mean to strip a big fly on the sink tip.   These Browns in the White River eat lots of minnows and sculpins daily.  Dead drifting smaller more natural imitations of these creatures can be very productive in low flows.  Either with indicators or without and the use of floating lines.  Sparkle minnows and sculpins fished on long leaders and floating lines is another very productive method.  In lower flows smaller streamer fishing on or near the bottom is most productive and fished in low light periods or in the dark.

The other method for low water is a nymph rig with floating lines, indicators and light tippers.  Not for everyone but produces lots of action.  Right now egg patterns, worm patterns and lots of different jigs have been very productive.  As for the bobber fishing reports will leave that to others.


My favorite option for producing Brown Trout during low water periods is to wait till it gets dark to start fishing!  Living in Michigan all summer big Browns love to feed at night and same is true during the winter months in Arkansas.  With water temps not changing much here due to large tailwater the night time winter fishing can be excellent even in cold weather periods.  The last week we have had some beautiful warm nights and the mouse bite has been excellent.  Will be posting a lot more info on our night fishing every week on our blog.