Conditions on the White River are always changing!  Had a great night fishing for the first month of winter.  Some decent streamer action in February.  A killer week of Shad kills in February.  After some very heavy rains the last couple weeks the lake above Bull Shoals Dam has really been rising fast and gone up 6-7 feet.  Finally around the clock high power generation coming out of Bull Shoals Dam and been running around 16200 cfs.  This steady high water is ideal for strippin big streamers!  Hit the flooded grass and rocky drop offs now!  Stay out of the deepest water in the river.  Pound the banks with deep cover.

Chris got this 28″ Brown Trout a couple days ago in my boat and just so exciting seeing an angler hookup to trout of this size!  One of top producing streamers this winter got him – Slop Mop in white.

White River Streamer Fly Fishing

Here is were some other good Browns streamer fishing the last couple with from my boat and guide Cody Griffen!  Viking Midge, double articulate Chromatic Peanuts, Skull Head double articulated Rainbow, Great Lakes Decievers