The past week high water around the clock came back to the White River. Flows have been 17-20k cfs with sluice gate at Bull Shoals Dam coming on most days adding another foot to the already high flows. Our big streamers (Great Lakes Deceivers and Slop Mop in the large sizes) have been producing some high trout the past week. It sure is not on fire but putting some nice trout in the net every day. Below our guide Eric Swies shows off a beautiful 30″er!

We had some bright blue days with bitter cold temps early this week but still some good action fishing the flooded grass and islands. Here is Spencer with a beauty and not a cloud in the sky!  Top streamer was our 6″ glow white jointed deceiver.

With the high flows and cold temps of late been some good shad kills at Bull Shoals dam in the mornings. Fishing a floating shad pattern with a long dropper nymph or San Jaun worm can be very protective. When shad kill starts to run out switch to a lead eyes shad pattern or sparkle minnow under an indicator. Mario and Bill with some nice trout below fishing shad kill.