We hunt for Big Browns all summer long in the night time hours! This time of year it sure doesn’t work here in Northern Michigan with snow, ice and water temps that are very cold. Early January I start my stay on the banks of the White River – guiding and fishing. With stable water temps around the clock in lower 50’s night time it is just the ideal time to hunt for Big Browns. It works the best in lower flows and currently Bull Shoal is below power pool. What this means is there are going to be some low water nights.

Mousing is our top producer at night once its gets good and dark.  As light is fading have done well with our Great Lakes Deceivers in Rainbow colors with scull head.  Fish these on floating lines.  Once good and dark switch to our glow mice patterns and glow fly lines.

We stock these magnum taper glow lines and they are ideal for night streamers or mousing: https://michigan-streamside.com/product-category/fly-lines/scientific-anglers-fly-lines/  

Below is my favorite mouse patterns tied by Steve Yewchuck.  Articulated and they glow spot on back.

Slow and steady on the retrieve of these mice patterns.  No setting the hook on noise and good strip set when strike.  On White River at night you sure don’t to go with light gear.  Good strong 9′ 8wt is ideal.  For those looking for some mousing trips we often can set up day so we do part of it during the daytime and part at in dark.