Winter streamer fishing for Big Browns on the White River is coming very soon and I have put together a top assortment of 18 of our most productive flies with a good quality streamer box.

Patterns included:

Great Lakes Deceivers:  Chartreuse/White, Rainbow, Olive/Yellow, 4″ Articulated Rainbow,  8″ Articulated Cotton Candy & Rainbow, 6″ Articulated Glow White & Olive/Yellow, Dungeon: Olive & Yellow, Chromatic Peanut: White & Brown, Peanut Envy black, Sparkle Minnow: Brown Trout, White & Sculpin,  Yummy Sparkle Sculpin:  Olive & White

With streamer box retail price is $140 and SALE price now is $99 with Free Shipping.

To purchase: