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 When it comes to fly fishing Arkansas’s White River in the Winter month its all about Strippin Streamers and hunting for giant Brown Trout!  November & December is spawning time on this river and then comes the post spawning time when your larger Browns in the river go back to being predators and start looking for a big meal.  Often its 8-10″ Rainbow trout! This is what brought us to Arkansas over a dz years ago and keeps us coming back!

We have excellent inventory of proven streamer rods and these are the ones that we are using every day here in Michigan and Arkansas. We keep in stock all the popular models of R.L. Winston Fly Rods and Echo Fly Rods.  Also I’m building custom streamer rods for those looking for something special with wraps, components, reel seats and handles.  I will have all these rods with me in my guide rods this Winter in Arkansas and for those that want to cast one or fish one before purchase we are sure setup for that as we stay right on the river.


When it comes to top of the line the Winston Alpha + is unbeatable!  Our most popular model on the White River is the 9′ 8wt.  The 7wt is very popular also and at times in extreme high water we go to the 9wt.

Currently we have these model models of the Alpha + in stock: 9′ 6wt, 9′ 7wt, 9′ 8wt, 9′ 9wt, 9′ 10wt and they can be purchased with Free Shipping at:


Winston Alpha + Streamer Fly Rod  An amazingly light, crisp and balanced eight weight that is one of our go-to streamer rods for trout, steelhead, and Atlantic Salmon. From Michigan to Arkansas, this is the rod we most often put in a client’s hand when pursuing big fish.

These fast-action rods were specifically designed to cast heavy and oversized lines, as well as large, bulky and weighted flies. Unlike other fast action rods in the category, the Alpha+ series (5-10wt) load deeper and recover faster to access extra reserve power in the lower sections, minimizing false casts and maximizing lifting strength. Use the 5, 6 and 7wts for large trout and warmwater species, the 8 and 9wts for stripers, pike, and jungle species like golden dorado and peacock bass, and the over-built 10wt for musky, tarpon, and other big-time fish. All rods come with our graphite tube and logo rod sock.

LINE / LENGTH / GRIP Price Quantity
5wt, 9’0″, 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt $995.00
6wt, 9’0″, 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt $995.00
7wt, 9’0″, 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt $995.00
8wt, 9’0″, 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt $995.00
9wt, 9’0″, 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt $995.00
10wt, 9’0″, 4pc, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt $995.00

ACTION: Very Fast.

GRIP: 7″ full wells. 1 ½” Fighting Butt.

REEL SEAT: Light Olive anodized aluminum with double uplocking aluminum rings.

GUIDES: Hard chrome oversized shooting guides with chrome nanolite stripping guides. Oversized tiptop.


STORAGE: Premium Graphite Tube and Logo Rod Sock.

MANUFACTURED: Designed and Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, Montana, USA


Echo Fly Rod


Echo Fly Rods has two different models that both excellent streamer rods for the White River and any place in world with Big Brown Trout!  Streamer X and Boost Blue.

The Echo Streamer X 9′ 8wt will handle a Streamer Max sink line and Big Brown Trout!

These new rods are designed to hit a coffee cup at 50 feet with a fly bigger than the cup. Every inch of these rods has been reverse-engineered to quickly load and deliver a fly with a minimum number of false casts. With its fast tip and powerful bottom section, they are uniquely tapered to deliver heavy payloads. Following a blueprint given to Echo by streamer innovator Kelly Galloup, we have developed the next generation of performance streamer rods. With Kelly’s custom handle shape, powerful bottom section and fast loading top section, this rod is build top to bottom for big flies and accuracy. If current conditions call for smaller flies, it will continue to surprise you with its versatility!

We currently in the Streamer X have these models in stock 9′ 6wt, 9′ 7wt, 9′ 8wt and can be purchased with Free Shipping at:

Echo Streamer X fly rod


Echo Boost Blue 9’8wt, 9′ 7wt, 6wt are all in stock and can be purchased with Free Shipping at:

Echo Boost Blue Streamer Fly Rod

The Echo Boost Blue series of fly rods- for Maximum Line Speed. The feature crisp, fast actions and are the ultimate balance of power & precision. Truly one of the best rods EVER in their class for saltwater or big game angling. The born from Echo’s popular Boost Salt Series, the Boost Blue is built for anglers with an aggressive casting stroke to achieve maximum line speed. The all-new actions are a result of Tim’s relentless tweaking to our Boost Salt Series. With its light tip section mated to a powerful bottom section, these rods pack the punch needed to fight the wind and other challenging conditions. The Boost Blue features upgraded titanium stripping guides and is the perfect rod for aggressive casters who can’t live without that modern, fast-action rod feel.